Precautions for the use of filling and sealing machine

Date:2021-01-08   Click:1807  

The automatic filling and sealing machine is suitable for automatic filling and sealing of plastic cups and plastic boxes. Used for packaging of mung bean paste, eight-treasure porridge, red bean paste, etc. Fully automatic operation, automatic completion of cup dropping, filling, ultraviolet sterilization, photoelectric tracking, date printing, sealing, trimming, etc. The machine is made of steel and stainless steel, with simple structure and easy operation. And the barrel is equipped with a stirring device. The machine can be designed according to customer needs. This machine is suitable for the filling and sealing of various plastic cups, bowls and other materials. It is heat-sealed and trimmed with plastic composite film or aluminum-plastic composite film, such as dried fish, fungus, golden shellfish, milk and other boxed products. Loved by people everywhere, the packaged product has a beautiful appearance and strong three-dimensional effect. This machine has novel design, simple and reasonable structure, convenient operation and ideal packaging effect. The external material is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which meets the sanitary requirements and is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Precautions for the use of the sealing machine:

1. It is not suitable for metal containers and metal caps, let alone press the start button on a metal table, otherwise the machine will be damaged.
2. Before turning on the power, the induction aviation plug must be inserted and the screws must be tightened.
3. Use a single-phase three-wire power cord. For the safety of the operator, a single-phase three-wire power socket must be used. The ground of the workplace must be dry to maintain insulation.
4. It is equipped with automatic protection function for overheating. When the temperature inside the machine is overheated, the buzzer inside the machine will beep for a long time and the yellow indicator light of "Abnormal Protection (PRO MD)" shall be on. At this time, the main power switch should be turned off, and the cooling buzzer will beep in standby. After the device stops, continue to work.
5. During the working process, you should touch the surface of the induction head frequently to check whether it is overheated. If you find that your hands are hot, stop heating and wait for it to cool down before working (cooling does not need to turn off the power). When the "WARMUP" green indicator light is off, please Do not press the start button to avoid false triggering. After the machine is finished, please turn off the power switch on the panel. 6. Equipped with a fuse of 5A, it cannot be replaced by a fuse greater than 5A.
7. There is high voltage inside, and the bottom plate is live. It is strictly forbidden to repair without permission to avoid personal electric shock.
8. If you find any exposed wires before use, you should stop using the machine and wait for repairs before using it.
9. The equipment should not be impacted, stressed or damp during transportation, storage and use.