Method and form of food packaging

Date:2021-11-03   Click:1594   Source:JACPACK

Method and form of food packaging

After food has been processed, we need to package it before we can sell it. However, because of the wide variety of food, the nature and form of various products are also very diverse, so the formation of various packaging methods and ways.

The common packaging on the market is mainly divided into trays, cups, bottles, bags, cans and so on.

Among them, the tray and cup products are mainly divided into aluminum foil, plastic, paper plastic three categories; Sealing material is mainly aluminum foil film, aluminum foil roll film, plastic roll film; Material filling forms are mainly divided into paste liquid, particle solid, powder, etc. The packaging form and content include: tray separation, material filling, tray sealing, outflow, coding, labeling, box packing, box sealing and other processes.

Therefore, customized packaging schemes should be provided according to different customer requirements.