How to select the model?

Answer: Please inform the container size, filling materials, capacity requirements, sealing material and other special requirements with our salesman and the salesman will recommend the appropriate type for your requirements.

Do I need to send the samples of containers and films?

Answer: As long as you tell us the approximate size of the container or provide the photo of the container, you can also send the container and film to our company for further confirmation. After order confirmation, send final confirmed samples as soon as possible for order design and commissioning.

How long is the shelf life?

Answer: The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, except for the damage to the machine and parts caused by wearing parts and human causes.

How contact us

You can choice Whats app, E-mail, Wechat,Calling etc contact us.

 Mobile:+86-15825685880 (Same as whatsapp No.)